Bite is on! high water no problemo!

Bite is on! high water no problemo!

Glad you found me on my fishing webpage! just got on Facebook and have already shot down 2 government drones flying over the compound using #4 buck lead shot. I have no problem with using toxic shot rather than steel, but need to pattern the gun as two wayward pellets hit my new Jolly Roger flag…much easier to find than a new confederate battle flag nowadays.

anyway, i’m gonna try to post fishing reports and similar insight here rather than on lake-link from now on. As a lake-link pro staff they promised a nice Frabill I-float suit for work i did in 2016. haven’t seen it yet, or received response from lake-link on several occasions because my queries were not directly related to them making more money

putting the whine down now. here’s the skinny on the Miss: River levels at Genoa are creeping slowly into the ‘action’ stage, which means all the dam gates are open. Water is up in the trees but not significantly impacting backwaters which load from downstream. As a result, ‘clear’ water is pretty easy to find. Visibility > 2′ is one key to fish location.  Also, fish don’t like to fight the current. So, we’re looking for clear water with little current. Also, warm water is important. The cold front we had last week dropped water temps a full 10 degrees, down to 47. It has been on the rise as we’re about to start the 4th beautiful May day in a row. Fishing has been incrementally better in this time frame. Temp is now at 56 in flowing water off of the main channel where I’m gonna start fishing in a couple of hours.

The final major–and it really is MAJOR–key in getting your string stretched just about anytime is FOOD. Find water >56 degrees with >2′ visibility and minimal current to fight and the buffet of minnows and benthic macroinvertebrates which fish wanna eat right now is there and the fish are biting.

One of my favorite bird- dogs is the lowly gar. Ol’ ugly is an eating machine. If you see fish activity on the surface of quiet waters now, it is likely gar–tough to hook intentionally, but they often oblige by wrapping their beaks in the line.

Yesterday Tom and Mike missed several strikes, then figured out they were gar when Tom actually caught a couple. But they ALSO tangled with a couple of SMB and white bass. Moved to a different but similar spot. Gar bird dogged more WB,SMB, LMB, 3 quality walleyes and a couple of short ones.

Why would walleyes be hanging around over a mud flat in 4 f.o.w.???Just got done telling you!

Today, I’m gonna go back to the ‘well’ first, then frog around looking for some crappies.

Although I plan on revealing a lot more info here on my very own webpage, many pertinent details and the voodoo behind consistently catching fish on the enigma wrapped in mystery which is the Immortal Mississippi will only be available in my boat in exchange for a working man’s wage.

If you don’t think guiding is hard work, think again. I’ve gotta go grab some cheddar before continuing with this whine. The river beckons. Time to don the loincloth, strap on the sharp knife, and head out. Thanks for visiting

See you right here real soon, gotta go…gotta guide






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