Summertime and the fishin’ is easy

Summertime and the fishin’ is easy

The Miss has receded to the point where it is possible to launch at New Albin ramp again.  High water is the new normal on the upper Miss, because the Corps of Engineers is keeping the River artificially high to accommodate a few wealthy tug boat owners on the lower River.

Took awhile, but we’re finally waking up to this fact and starting to rattle some cages, all the way up to the U.S. Congress–which has been underwriting towboat robbery since 1878–but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

On to the fishin’! With the River dropping and clearing over the past week or so fishing is somewhere between good and excellent for multiple species.


We are right in the middle of the full moon period, which has an undeniable impact on the bite. Fished with Mark & Dan yesterday afternoon, catching a nice mixed bag of pike, eyes, SMB,LMB, WB and two big perch. One perch on a Rat-L-Trap is not a pattern .TWO perch on a Rat-l-Trap in a 10 minute time span is.

Light penetration is a major factor in both fish location and activity. Fish are most active where visibility is 2’+.  As water recedes, visibility in some areas is 4’+.  Downside is, fish in this very clear water are a little spooky, forcing a need to tie on a floro leader. BUT under a bright sky, visibility of 1-2′ is a good thing. No floro leader needed and fish were aggressive during mid-day under a bright sky until we entered the full moon period.

So, prior to full moon, I was catching fish in 1-2′ visibility during a bright sky at mid day, and fish where water is clearer with a floro leader anytime. Hottest baits have been oxbow pattern Traps and Echo 1.75’s. “oxbow” is commonly called “parrot” by other manufacturers. Catching a few on chatterbait and spinnerbait. With increased humidity even a few on the buzzbait.

One key to buzzbait efficiency comes by observing the bubble trail left in the wake of this lure. The more pronounced the trail, the higher the humidity and the better results you’re likely to have with the buzzer…but there is more to it than this. The best way to learn about this whole thing is to jump in the boat with me. btw, last Spring my good friend Mike Carter turned me on to Choo Choo Lures out of S. Carolina. They make chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and swim jigs which are just a little bit better than most other products in these genres available today. This edge has convinced me to throw Choo Choo pretty much all the time…when I’m not throwing my beloved Trap or Echo 1.75

Back to the moon phase. I figured the bite would be best early this morning while fish were still under lunar influence. This was certainly the case! Got on the water with Sean and his wife Terri Two-Gar just before 6 a.m. and immediately started hooking up with multiple species.

Bite slowed considerably to essentially a screeching halt by the time the trip ended at 10–even though I know for a fact we were on fish. Changing the presentation made no difference. They just turned off. Experience tells me this is because of the moon’s influence.

That’s pretty much it for today’s report. If you found my webpage by first looking on Facebook or Lake-Link, fantastic! From this point forward you can expect to find more detailed comment here rather than on social media sites.

Probably won’t get out fishin’ much for the next several days with highs in the mid-90s. Beyond that, there are quite a few days in June when my boat is open.  Tight lines, y’all!

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