Bass on the Rocks

Bass on the Rocks

Pool 9 is finally down to summer pool levels, with water temps in the low 70s.  Prime time to chase SMB on main channel rocks. This is almost too easy fishin’ with just a handful of weapons required to find consistent success.

The most important thing to remember is fish the east side in the morning and the west side in the afternoon. Shade impacts fish activity. Even if it is overcast or rainy, the fish become acclimated to feeding when shade is a factor. With a little froggin’ around you can find shady spots with other good habitat parameters until almost noon on the east side and by 2;30 on the West side.

A topwater bait like a Chug Bug, Devil’s Toothpick or Pop-R should be ready to go at all times. If fish are bustin’ the surface, throw it. If not you might try the Rat-l-Trap Echo 1.75 squarebill in oxbow pattern. This bait can be fished in less than 1 fow, if you hold the rod tip high. Rod tip angle is key to overall presentation when fishing cranks. You can vary the depth of the retrieve by 2′ by holding the rod tip either high or low. Another little tip which needs constant reinforcement with clients is to cast upstream whenever possible. didja ever see a plane come in to land backwards? Of course not! Fish are built the same way, facing into the current.  Bringing a bait towards their face rather than from behind their head dramatically increases the strike window.

Plastics are a big part of summer rock fishing. i keep one rod rigged with a Kalin jerk minnow on a 1/32 oz. tube jig head and another with a Chompers salty sinker, wacky rigged on a #4 octopus hook.

later in the morning or early afternoon the fish may be holding just a little deeper. Any crank which will run down 6-8′ can be effective. I’m partial to the Bomber 6A in root beer float or Caitlin pattern. What is Caitlin pattern? A bomber touched up with purple glitter nail polish on the back. That’s the way i roll.


tight lines!

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