Motivational Impairment

Motivational Impairment

There are really only two things standing between you and a nice mess of walleyes for the next several weeks: priorities and creature comfort.

Water temperatures have fallen into the mid-40s. River levels have fallen to classic late autumn levels–and walleyes have fallen into predictable patterns which they will remain in until we can’t get after ’em due to ice.

Family, employment and other critical life factors like hunting all tug for our time when November rolls around. A boat on the open River feels less comfortable than hunkering in a duck blind or perching motionless up in a broad-shouldered oak. There is much to be said for following a savvy dog across the field on a sunny afternoon. But there’s much to be said about a solid walleye thumping a jig, too.

With falling River levels, walleyes are relating to depth contours both out off of the main channel and back in the running sloughs.

In either case, you can trigger a bite with a blade bait, hair jig or plastic once you find the magic depth. When fish move up shallower on a point or wingdam face to feed, the bite is even more aggressive. I like using a search bait like a Rat-L-Trap or Shad Rap until temps drop to about 40, then switch over to dragging a Moxie tail or ringworm.

Dragging a ringworm on a 3/16 oz jighead alone or as part of a 3-way rig with a stickbait is also a killer presentation at times

Between now and Thanksgiving catching a mess of walleyes all boils down to motivation and desire. The fish are easy to find. I just told you how to catch ’em. If a couple of fresh caught, pan fried walleyes sounds better than Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks hot out of the oven when you’re standing there in your jammies and slippers, all you have to do is pull on the parka and mukluks and face the sleety wind with a smile. the bite is on!

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