We have ice!

We have ice!

Got out ice fishing for the first time this season on Green Lake. Found about 3″ of semi-clear ice with popping and snapping every step. Fish fairly active. Perch, gills, crappies fishing a Kelly green marmooska tungsten gem w/small red plastic. Most bites right under the ice in about 6 fow. As you might expect on Green lake, many fish were on the small side.

Ice is marginal on Shore slough at Lansing , at Visagers and Millstone on the west side of the River. A few guys getting out reporting similar results as seen at Green Lake

The 1.5″ of snow which fell on Monday still covers the ice, both inhibiting ice development and hiding the seam between clear and cloudy ice. For these reasons and the vagaries of current , ice can’t be considered even marginally safe just about any place but Green lake.

Part of today’s fishin’ mission was to test HT’s new Nero auger. Punched through 3″ of ice in just a few seconds with minimal effort. I like the “jackknife” feature which provides the ability to fold the auger essentially in half for carrying. When it comes to adjusting the length there are only three positions. A 4th hole between ‘midget” and “giant” would be nice.

The other downside is the auger cover: two pieces of plastic which are supposed to slide apart/together then secured with a bungee.

Trump clearly did not collude with the Russians regarding the design of the auger cover. It worked OK today, with ambient temps above freezing. But on a COLD day I’m willing to bet the cover will freeze in place making it extremely tough–maybe even dangerous–to remove from the auger. I can see great potential for serious hand injury here…but from a speed standpoint, the Nero makes the Lazer auger look like you’re cutting with wooden blades.

Honest assessment: this auger will be SUPER when the cover is replaced with an old school one piece plus bungee. But as things stand now this Russian made auger is the ice fishing version of the AK 46.

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