Stage is set for Super June

Stage is set for Super June

We’re just coming out of the worst spring I’ve seen in over 20 years of fishin’ on pool 9. But a lifetime on the River has taught that things have a way of evening out.

The River is dropping steadily, with fishing getting better every day, setting the table for some phenomenal June fishing!

In just a few more days boat ramp access will be much easier. By Wednesday water should be out of the trees, resulting in some fabulous mudline action all over the pool. Water clarity is already pretty good, with 1’+ visibility most places and 3’+ in quite a few areas. Water temp has also warmed substantially over the past few days from a chilly 56 up to the mid-60’s…and sometimes even warmer.

Crappies are spawning, with bass spawn within 48-72 hours…and ‘gills right after that. Walleyes have been in summer , high-water pattern for several weeks now. with dropping water levels the pattern will be more defined and ‘eyes even easier to find.

Probably the most important concept in consistent fishing success is understanding the predator/prey relationship. Predators are gonna follow their prey–which means for the next couple weeks at least cruising in less than 10’ of water…often MUCH less.

Two days ago I was chasing pike for fun. had a fat 36 incher garwoofle my Northland Reed Runner magnum spinnerbait and put a substantial bend in that St. Croix legend Glass. Five minutes later I got bit again. But this time it was a 23″ walleye!

Walleyes on spinnerbaits? You bet! A spinnerbait looks like minnows. Predator/prey relationship. For the next several weeks one of my go-to ‘eye baits is a Custom Carter Shaker chatterbait made by Choo Choo lures, with a Kalin Sizmic grub trailer. Of course, one rod is forever rigged with a Rat-L-Trap. Most of the walleyes which came into the Lund last week came on the Trap, but a few on other presentations too. One day after catching three on the Trap, the bite in this non-descript little area slowed so I switched to snap-jigging a fluke resulting in two more decent fish.

There was really no obvious reason for the walleyes to be there…except FOOD…which they could see but I couldn’t.

My guide calendar is starting to fill up, but there are still quite a few open days, no doubt cuz folks are still shell shocked from the worst spring in over 20 years. I don’t get to fish much when guiding. Much as I love sharing the wonders of the River and teaching folks how to fish here, My days of playing the game at this level are winding down and I’m far too addicted to the tug which is the drug to sit around waiting for the phone to ring.

If you’re reading this, you ain’t fishin’…but I AM! Be careful out there.

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