EZ Does It!

EZ Does It!

The River has been running at low summer pool for the past couple weeks, resulting in a mixed blessing for fishermen. Low water levels concentrate fish–but low water also concentrates fishermen.

Had a couple trips this week where I had to start on secondary spots, cuz primary, easy to find spots already had boat on them…and this was during the week. Secondary spots usually don’t hold as many fish, but occasionally they give up a beauty. Secondary spots are usually microstructures–not very big–where boat control is a major factor in hooking up.

Common sense will tell you taking it easy when navigating beyond the channel is a good idea. There were a couple days last week when the River stage got down around 621, putting many sandbars into lower unit range–even just off the channel. There are also a few hazards IN the channel which you need to watch out for. There is a multi-pronged donniker–well actually, a staub–in the channel on the lower west side of Battle island. I flew past a rental houseboat the other day and gestured wildly for them to change course. Didn’t work.

With low water levels the bite on wingdams and closing dams is really coming on. Good place to soak a spendy willocat for walleyes. But a crankbait will catch ’em, too….along with both SMB & LMB.

Bluegills are relating to inside edges of these structures right now as well as in the wood. Crappies have pretty much moved out of the weeds and into the wood. Perch are still mostly in the weeds.

Can’t say more than that, cuz I’ve gotta make a living. When you come around a bend and see AT LEAST one boat on the next seven spots you wanna fish–on a TUESDAY–the River is crowded.

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