The Cosmic Fishin’ Pendulum

The Cosmic Fishin’ Pendulum

with over a half-century of fishing the immortal Mississippi I hve concluded the Creator regulates fish behavior and environmental parameters with a metaphysical pendulum–when fishin’ is bad, it is awful, when the pendulum swings the other way–spectacular.

Thus far in 2019 fishing has sucked so bad that it pegged out and stuck against the wall BUT with River levels dropping below 630 at Genoa beginning last Thursday, multi-species fishin’ action has been spectacular…and getting better every day. Yesterday a buddy named Frank challenged my contention of going out fun fishin’ and coming in after catching 20 fish, betting me a half-day’s guide wage we couldn’t reach 20 gamefish in a 4 hr. trip.

If you subtract the travel time to get to a certain ace spot, our time from 1st cast to boating #20 SMB or walleye was just FIFTY TWO MINUTES. Went back to this well again this morning with a 7′ St.Croix panfish wand and a little Pop-R and hooked up with 7 cookie-cutter 16″ SMB in just 10 casts.

There is an old joke about ‘the most fun you can have with clothes on’. This morning I didn’t see a single boat. Not one. Could have gone full Monty total noodle frontity and pegged the life experience fun-o-meter…but didn’t, only cuz it was a little chilly out there this morning in a hoodie–and the fish were exploding all over the surface.

Will leave you with that thought–or the thought before that if you’re just a little twisted

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