Perch on the Move

Perch on the Move

There is no doubt yellow perch are the most unpredictable species of all fish often sought by fishermen. Their behavior is literally a case of ‘here today, gone in an hour’.

Of course, perch schools tend to search for food making lazy circles near the bottom. Chances are, once you catch a couple they may be back around in 20 minutes or so.

Perch in the Miss also have seasonal pattern changes, migrating to deeper green weeds–most commonly elodea–when October rolls around.

Heavy siltation in pool 9 backwaters which is now forever in place after extended flooding in 2019 has made ‘deeper weeds’ in the backwaters a relative thing. A couple years ago they used to stage in about 8′. This year its more like 6′–and finding water even this deep takes considerable looking.

Over the past few days I’ve landed on a couple pods of heavy jumbos which have been holding in the same general areas they are typically found several weeks later in the year.

The fact that they have been cruising in these same areas for several days now makes me thing they MAY be in seasonal transition.

My perch search in autumn is straight forward–dip Teddy Skunk Perchanators between elodea fronds until striking gold, then go after bigger fish with #northland 1/8 oz. buckshot rattle spoon.

The Perchanator is more effective if you raise the bait a couple feet then let it free fall every couple minutes or so.

A couple days ago I landed on a pod of perch which were 11.5-14.5″. Kept just THREE to feed the Admiral and me. Went back yesterday and they were still there! Houston, we have a pattern!

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