Making Ice

Making Ice

Perch were biting yesterday afternoon in 40 degree water @ the 8-12′ contour. Small perch pattern Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoon w/piece of redworm.Woke this morning to 2=” of snow. Forecast calls for below freezing for pretty much the next 10 days. Guide business is shut down til Spring. River is dropping, but still at ‘action’ stage and will remain so until probably thanksgiving. Water clarity is good. Essentially, November is shaping up just like last year:not good.

The River backwaters will be making ice the next few days, certainly not enough to walk on probably until early Dec. at least AND when we finally get out there, don’t expect to find fish in the usual places!

During the cold water period, fish like to hang where there is essentially ZERO current. At normal pool levels, sloughs like the ‘Indian’ just north of New Albin on Mn. slough are good. Not so last year–not so this year. too much current!

heading out ice fishing always requires extreme caution This year unseen current under the ice requires some SERIOUS consideration!

Unusual for me to spend much time indoors–any time. But River levels this year and the deep freeze over the next few days has resulted in some behavioral changes.

have decided to spend some time solving the world’s problems. This morning my wife was all bent out of shape regarding “climate change”.
Took a few minutes to show her this thing on the wall called a ‘thermostat’. Push a couple buttons and the climate changes! Problem solved.

Gonna work on world hunger in an hour or so–starting right here. Fresh perch! It’s what’s for dinner.

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