River trajectory is hopeful

River trajectory is hopeful

River levels have been borderline outrageous for a couple of weeks. But projections as of Easter Monday call for levels to drop at least to the point where more ‘edges’ beyond the nebulous shoreline on both sides become visible providing greater access to fish.

Water temperatures have dropped from 47 down to about 42 over the past few days. Typical walleye spawn is April 20ish. but I think many ‘eyes got ‘er done already. I had been catching saugers and post spawn fish pulling 3-ways and leadcore in that 42 degree water in 8-14 fow prior to the winter redux we are now experiencing. Bait profile, COLOR and trolling speed were all critical last time out .

Ambient air temps > 40 are forecast beginning later this week. Believe I’ll get out ‘fun fishin’ for these critters then and maybe go for SMB & pike. Was catching a few SMB pitching Northland Buckaroo jigs/Sassafras pattern PulseR’s even in the chilled water. Every reason to expect this action to continue–and improve–as waters continue to warm and hopefully drop by the traditional walleye spawn time of 4/20.

Believe I will start guiding again on 4/20. From this point forward I’m not gonna work too hard at guiding. last year’s flood induced slim pickins and chance to fun fish hard so far this Spring has produced personal edification beyond that generated by a stack of dead presidents and my favorite renaissance man; America’s first fire chief.

But I love teaching folks how to fish the River. Benny & his brothers continue to make guiding a happy/happy choice. tight lines y’all

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