New math?

New math?

Yesterday I posted a blog stating we’re seeing the best fishing in 2 years on pool 9. That statement was and still is–true.

Over the past 24 hrs. the dry hills and fields of the coolee region received a much needed, gentle rain. The rain gauge at our compound read 0.7″ this morning. Apparently, points upstream must have received a deluge. How can 0.7″ of rain overnight falling on parched ground raise the pool level 1.5 FEET??

The dirty little secret is SILTATION from perpetual flooding over the past 2+ years–a direct result of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fulfilling the mission given to them by Congress in 1878–maintaining a channel on the Miss. USACE was finally able to turn the Immortal River into a big, narrow ditch less than 80 years after placement of 33 lock & dam systems between St. Paul and St. Louis.

The results of this disaster can be seen in the still-standing tombstones of nearly 60% of mature timber which drowned and died over the past couple of years. The hazards to navigation mentioned in yesterday’s blog are nil when juxtaposed against what will occur in a few years when these trees begin to topple and head downstream.

There will be plenty of water to navigate back-channels in over the Memorial Day weekend. Just keep a sharp eye for floating dunnage. Forecast calls for more rain next weekend. So long as there are ‘edges’ created by islands in the back channels, fishing will still be great.

If the Iowa DNR got off it’s bureaucratic butt and spread just 7-9 loads of judiciously placed gravel in five low spots from the Army rd. boat launch to the west, this sole west side access for over 12 River miles on the west side of the River could remain open next weekend. This will ONLY happen if YOU call the IDNR and tell them!!!

No apologies for this rant! The River’s decline and overall gov’t malfeasance is explored in depth in my latest book “Tails, Trails & Tales with the Old Guide” which will be out on e-books in a few days and available through by June 1. I am also not ashamed of more shameless self-promotion on this blog and elsewhere when this new baby is born!

So there ya go. No need to look for morels in the River bottoms with this recent, gentle rain. Soil temp is good. They should be popping now on southern exposures. Gonna go find some this morning, then probe for pike for upcoming trips this afternoon. I know where the fish are headed-just wanna have a Rat-L-Trap ready for when they get there. tight lines.

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