Don’t mean nothin’, push on!

Don’t mean nothin’, push on!

Just spent the past couple days on a species specific quest for walleyes. Even with willo cats fishing was tough. Most fish came pulling cranks, anyway. with the River up almost 2′ and dirty over the previous 48 hrs. and boat control a little channeling in winds gusting to 30+ fishing was TOUGH.

Not that we couldn’t catch fish. All that was needed was finding water with 2’+ visibility. Pike all over the place. We were actually sight fishin’ them. Only a few bass, cuz they’re still shaking off the spawn. Rapid rising water levels pushed a lot of ‘gills & perch back into timber now flooded where it was too shallow to get a boat. Crappies now post spawn and cruising clear water suspended 3-6′ down looking for food.

USACE projection calls for River to drop like a stone over the next week. Thanks to judicious placement of gravel on Army road @ new Albin, access should be possible by Friday or Saturday IF USACE PROJECTION HOLDS TRUE. But if somebody in the Twin Cities stops rioting long enough to flush a toilet, all bets on River level are off, thanks to the change in paradigm from siltation over the past couple of years.

Should this happen, it will be time to search for that water with 2′ + visibility again. In the words of my generation: don’t mean nothin’ push on.

Meanwhile, the Immortal River isn’t impacted one little bit by the covid thing or riots. This is where I spend most of my waking hours, just trying to plug in to the Creator’s unspoken but obvious message about who is really in control of all things during these turbulent times in America.

Don’t have to work today, since the 6 man crew gave up and went home. gonna be too hot to fish, anyway. have tomorrow off, too. Will probably get out early and catch a few ‘eyes for fun and see if the bass are on the prowl yet. But game plan is likely to change once the Lund gets wet–just like the River.

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