Fishing the yo-yo River

Fishing the yo-yo River

The effects of 4″ of rain a couple days ago may prove short lived. River came up almost 2′ at Genoa. Projections call for it to fall sharply in the next 24 hours. This fluctuation came on so quickly that a lot of fish pretty much sheltered in place

Look for bass to stage at choke points in running sloughs as River levels drop sharply. This can be a time when a distinct mudline change can hold a pile of active fish!

If I could throw just 2 baits to start with they would be a white tandem spinnerbait and my beloved oxbow Trap. Doesn’t make much sense to leave active fish once you’ve found ’em.!

Buzzbait bite has been good on humid days when surface tension is high. Frog bite good too. Not gonna say much about the plastics bite…but it involves Ned riggin’ with a willocat plastic and da sauce.

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