2020 is a great year!

2020 is a great year!

Compared to 2019, this covid-crazy year is spectacular–at least in MY world. 2020 started with my induction to the Hall of Fame. This honor has been profoundly humbling. have been trying to shed the notion that i should hold myself more accountable for behavior ever since.

River levels have been yo-yo since June. Fortunately, more “Yo! Fish on!” than “yo, the water is coming through the trees again” the latter was the case over 200 days last year–so this one is a beauty!

Never has been need for a mask or social distancing here on the River. God is in charge here. He is down with the concept of personal freedom…so long as you don’t lose sight of who the Great Rainmaker is. The only time I realized our freedom is in serious jeopardy is when the TV is on or the Admiral & me have to make a trip to town. When the TV is on, it’s either Netflix or TV Land. If far left twits ever start a “Defund the Andy Griffith Show” groundswell, I’ll just unplug the TV. All the news that matters in MY world can be found on Wunderground.com and the NOAA River level chart.

here on the River there are times when hooking up can be challenging. With the exception of panfish & pike, gamefish activity has been pretty much before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m. Water temp has dropped to the mid 70’s from the low 80’s on the main channel. Even though the dawg days are right around the corner, look for water temps to fall a few more degrees beginning next week.

Not that this impacts fish metabolism. This is pretty much in overdrive. But fish of all species have SO MUCH FOOD in the water right now, they don’t have to actively chase down anything with hooks. They have to be triggered to bite. This gives reaction lures an edge over livebait most of the time INCLUDING switching presentation in a trolling presentation or with the basic ‘cast it out/reel it in of a crankbait or spinnerbait with a little ANIMATION. Pops, twitches and radical direction change in the lure just before you pull it out of the water to make another cast.

With all the food in the system fish will often cruise behind your bait on a steady retrieve and investigate rather than deciding to chew. A little “figure L” maneuver right at boatside will often wake you up with a jerk on the other end of the line when there’s less than 5’ of line out. Yo! Fish on!

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