River dropping like a stone

River dropping like a stone

A few weeds coming down the main channel this morning. Water is stained out there, but not so bad in the running sloughs. River is dropping like a stone. fishing really good for walleyes, pike and those stupid bass. Panfish getting re-oriented. Bite will be good by Wed. morning. Water temp 84!

Hot weather pattern means I’m fishing from 5-10. Kinda reminds me of the summer of ’88 when we had a bunch of 100 degree days. This summer not so bad–yet. ’88 was an exceptional yr. Boated 1004 eyes from June thru Aug. Similar pattern developing this yr. as the River level begins to fall.

Have several openings during the week for most of July if ya wanna get out–but until this weather breaks I’m only gonna fish half-days, getting out at first light.

My special Saturday rate applies for those who wanna fish from 11-4 until projected high temps drop below 85. Yes, fishing is HOT… but so is the weather.

Smart old dogs don’t even stay on the porch when there is air conditioning and cold beverages on the other side of the door.

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