Thrills with Gills

Thrills with Gills

Although River level is the lowest we’ve seen in a couple years, it is still a couple feet above historic lows over the past 20. Bluegills are a great go-to when fishing mid-day. Fog is usually a factor. burns off between 8-9:30 a.m.

A large portion of the bluegill biomass can be found in <7 fow this time of year at these pool levels–usually relating to submergent vegetation or under water lotus canopy.

Fish are usually eager to bite–once you figure out a couple of critical parameters on depth and presentation.

On Wed. the ‘magic’ depth was 4-4.2 fow. Yesterday 4.6-4.8. Today 5.2-5.6. visibility is 18-24″, with ‘gills (and perch!) holding within a couple inches of the bottom. Crappies are cruising suspended about 2′ down.

If water is flat calm I like to pitch a 1/80-1/32 ounce jig. With a breese, 1/32-1/16 oz. The bite is usually EXCEPTIONALLY light, often when bait wafts down to within 1′ of bottom. Tailoring jig weight to wind & current conditions is important.

My favorite stick is a 9’ St. Croix panfish series. Sufix 6 lb. YELLOW braid. Ultra sensitive rod + hi-vis line definitely an edge to realize the bite.

On windy days a vertical presentation works best. On calm days pitching the jig away from the boat and swimming it back produces more quality fish.

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