Pulse R’s & Sizmic Shads

Pulse R’s & Sizmic Shads

Allowing for siltation, pool 9 is the lowest its been since 1936–or at least within a couple inches. River is ultra ULTRA clear in the main channel. Need a floro leader to get bit in finesse presentations–and multi-trebled reaction baits come back with weeds on every cast. With a tremendous amount of forage in the River fish aren’t eager to chase baits, anyway

Giant weed rafts have been coming down the past few days. Avoid them if possible!

Have had fair success recently on wallys &smallies pitching & swimming Sassafras B-fish-n Tackle Pulse R’s and Kalin Sizmic shads on 1/8 oz Precision jigheads with Da Juice–liquid willowcat. usually takes animation or some kind of retrieve anomaly to produce a strike. Bite definitely better during low light periods.

Panfish are on fire!!!

Water temp warmed yesterday to 65. Today back down to 62. Should see upper 50s by next weekend. Bassapalooza!

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