Where are the wingdam rocks?

Where are the wingdam rocks?

River conditions on pool 9 remain low, clear and stable. Eelgrass is a factor. If you can get away from it, presentations like casting cranks can be effective for walleye & bass. But trolling is just a salad gathering exercise.

The River is offering the best fishing we’ve seen since 2017. Boat traffic is exceptionally heavy–even during the week. Got to the launch yesterday @ 8 and parking lot only had a couple open slots ON A MONDAY! Navigation beyond the channel is challenging due to extreme siltation. I wouldn’t even THINK about running side-channel cuts like the one on the upper pool between the main channel and Mn. slough past goose lake–a.k.a. ‘dead man’s cut’. Similar conditions exist down in the Winneshiek and further down the pool.

By every measure, we’re at low summer pool levels, except one; WHERE ARE THE WINGDAM ROCKS? Normally at summer pool you can get out and walk on the closing & wingdam rocks. Not possible this year. Reason is siltation.

Panfishing continues to offer the best action on the pool. Perch, gills & crappies all holding in the same 4-9 fow…just a different depths. Pike have been dogging the pannies. Flathead bite has been good in deeper main channel holes.

Walleye and smallmouth action has been good on main channel rocks if you can successfully dodge the weeds. The Liquid Willowcat plastics dipped in Da Juice on a B-Fish-N Tackle Draggin’ jig has ben a very effective weapon!

Water temps are hovering right around 61. A few nights with temps in the 50s and surface temp will dip below 60 pushing both SMB & LMB to school up in incredible numbers. Bite will be consistently good until temps drop to 54, then the afternoon bite will be better.

But i’m getting ahead of myself. Haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks, cuz I’VE BEEN TOO BUSY FIshin’. Today’s trip will be my favorite format ; whatever the River feels like giving up. Will start with walleyes and SMB, then chase panfish about mid-morning. gotta go. gotta guide.

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