One more round of Trappin’

One more round of Trappin’

Looks like the gorgeous Indian Summer weather will hold for a couple more days. Guide work usually peters out by the first week in November. Last trip on the books was yesterday, with guys boating about 25 and keeping 10 quality fish.

Not fishin’ today. Last night tried to vector left using the TV remote thinking I was trying to steer the MinnKota. Counted 17 cuts, abrasions, etc. on both hands. Not whining. Battle scars of fishing for a living.

Yesterday water temp warmed to a solid 44 degrees. Only got down to 60 last night, so i know it will get to 45 today. This means bass/pike/walleyes will be up on the flats chasing bait–one more chance to beat ’em up with a Rat-L-Trap? don’t know, but certainly plan on finding out!

Recently eyes/sauger have been hugging the 22-24′ contour. Boats are like duck decoys or maybe seagulls; One guy catches a fish then everybody flocks in. This commotion puts the active fish down–even in 20+ fow. This is why I seldom–if ever–fish with the bumper boats up by the dam. Anyway. THREE TIMES we moved to where there were no boats yesterday, putting a couple decent fish in the box. All 3 times the active bite stopped when a couple more boats showed up. Something you might wanna chew on….

yesterday winds were nil in the morning then out of the south by noon. A 3/8 oz jig or Teddy Cat blade worked well when it was calm. Needed to go to 1/2 oz hair and 3/4 Teddy Cat when the breeze picked up. COLOR is secondary to importance of weight…but sometimes it makes a difference. Yesterday’s hot color was purple/purple

Sincere thanks to all the super folks who shared my boat in 2020. Last night i watched the sunset while savoring 2 fingers of single pot Irish whiskey, compliments of Chris. This morning pancakes with some of Dave’s home made maple syrup. Life is good!

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