Redhorse run

Redhorse run

Attitudes are ugly in some of the throng of perch jerkers jostling below lock & dam 8 at Genoa. I won’t fish within a mile of the dam–just on principle–this time of year. Why hire a guide to go play ‘bumper boats’?

Instead, I like targeting small tribs & bays for the perch, chasing ‘eyes & sauger staging off of spawning areas downstream. Today the ‘eyes were holding @ the 16’contour. Caught ’em on Northland Buckaroo & B-Fish-n Tackle Pulse R’s w/ 3/16 oz Precision jighead in ‘pyrokeet’ pattern 4 eyes–all legal–then went on a perch search. Same place where the fat boys cooperated 48 hrs. ago only gave up redhorse the past couple days. Bite is so fast, i had to go to just one rod: my St. Croix 9′ panfish wand.

Redhorse are a phenomenal pull on this type of tackle! Flat-out fun. Fish have been averaging about 2 lbs, but i had a 5+ whopper yesterday.

Fish were in about 4 fow ,over sand w/ moderate current. Switched from “standard perch rig” of 1/8 oz egg sinker/swivel/14-16″ leader/#6 long shank Eagle Claw gold hook/redworm to a couple OO split shot/hildebrandt spinner hoping the Redhorse would leave it alone. Nope! When an 18″ redhorse gernips a red wiggler fished 18′ under the surface w/10′ line out you want to have a firm grip on the rod!!

Redhorse are great smoked, pickled or made into fish patties…kinda like sheepshead–a rough fish that fights hard and is spectacular eating when correctly prepared.

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