Gills on the Beds

Gills on the Beds

Bluegills & Punkinseeds have moved to spawning beds in <3 fow within the past 36 hours. They will likely remain on the beds until arrival of the full moon on May 25.

Best spots are where you can actually sight-fish ’em (major clue here!)

Because there is so much filamentous algae on the bottom now a tiny float is key in presentation, pegging float 1′ above any little slow-falling jig. Black & kelly green were hot colors yesterday, with the Wolf Finkee jig by Custom Jigs & Spins super deadly.

Since water is so shallow and a float is part of the presentation, stay a long cast away from the beds to avoid stirring up the mud with the trolling motor. This is one instance where an actual anchor is a super means of boat control.

Start at the outside edge of the beds and work deeper to avoid dragging a fish on the line through the colony.

Bear in mind new bag limits are in place on the Miss-15 fish in Mn & Wi. Still 25 in Iowa. Outrageous!

gotta go. gotta guide

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