Bass on fire–walleyes waiting on the wings

Bass on fire–walleyes waiting on the wings

Water temp has been hovering in the mid-60’s, with River levels still near historic lows. Several days ago it got down to 620@ Genoa–something not seen since 8-1-06…1988 before that. When allowing for siltation we’re literally looking at new ground.

Most quality gills have been either on main channel rocks or close to bottom on deep wood. Crappies in the same wood, suspended 2-5 ‘down over at least 10 fow.

SMB & LMB beginning to stack in great numbers over small structure. Wed. trip clients boated 7 decent fish in just 20 mins. @ end of day throwing #Zman Ned w/ liquid willowcat sauce.

Pitching/dragging #B-Fish-N Tackle Pulse Rs in crystal ice & bubble gum most productive for me the past several days. Better fish have been hold in 14-17 fow. Trolling DT10s also effective if you can get away from the weeds.

Ironically, bigger pike have been hanging in deeper water, too. Not back chasing pannies in the weeds like the normally do in Oct. because low water has either moved forage base elsewhere…or its too tough to navigate through the shallow, weedy water to get to spots where they are hiding.

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