Fishing tough for Short Haul

Fishing tough for Short Haul

Three inches a snow after a couple days of almost 70 degree temps is never a good thing for fishing–even in an “in like a lamb, out like a penguin” March.

Over the last few days I’ve been chasing perch from shore at a secret little spot. The 1st trip was productive. Then the spot started to ICE OVER. Yesterday there was only one short stretch of shoreline which wasn’t locked in. Caught just one perch.

Water temp in River mainstem has been holding @ 38 degrees–down from a solid 41 about 10 days ago. Walleyes/perch will be lethargic until this trend reverses.

On the upside, River level has crested in the ‘action stage’ @ Genoa. There are still plenty of current breaks & discernable edges to hold fish. 10 day forecast calls for only a slight rise. Good news! But if 3 folks take a bath at the same time in MPLS the River could quickly spike into full-blown flood.

Experience teaches it is better to focus what IS or WILL BE only a couple days out. With the exception of a howling NW wind…and 38 degree water temps conditions aren’t bad.

However, the fish get to vote, too. Lately–and for the short haul–they vote “not hungry”.This will change drastically over the next 3 wks–when traditional walleye spawn occurs.

Between now and then I hope to be out there pretty much every day. May sound perverse…but I really don’t like it when fishin’ is easy.

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