State of the ice

State of the ice

Just got off the ice @ Visager’s. Was able to kick ice out of maybe 20 holes tapped yesterday. Caught a few SMALL gills, a 9″ crappie and an 8″ perch last nite with similar results this morning, fishing in 3 fow with a tiny Northland tungsten jig. Shore ice was still good this morning with 7-10″ of good ice. Shore ice is starting to erode @ south end of DeSoto Bay. Pretty much surface ice. When you break through there is only about 4″ of water before boot bottoms out on walkable ice as of yesterday morning. Suspect this will change drastically over next 48-72 hrs.

Main channel of pool 9 is pretty much open from south of Lansing up to lock & dam 8, although access is still questionable from day to day. Lots of dunnage & general crap working its way downriver now around Stoddard.

I plan on getting out fun fishin’ in the boat tomorrow. Will not start guiding until the 25th.

One good thing about a lot of time on the water over the past 50 yrs. is knowing pretty much where the wintering holes are. I won’t put transducers back on the boats until ice is less of a hazard. Most of the catchable biomass is within a foot of the bottom right now. No need for thumb sucking, looking at the sonar just to lose the signal cuz the boat hit some ice–the River is dangerous enough when keeping your eyes on the water.

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