Staircase landing back in the trees

Staircase landing back in the trees

On Wednesday I saw just one other boat in 5 hrs. on the River mainstem. Water temp was 45-47 degrees. Found male walleyes in <10 fow, females 12-14′. Five legals boated. Kept a 19″ male for supper. All fish still had firm bellies.

The only bait i threw was a QUARTER OUNCE #B-Fish-N tackle pyrokeet precision jighead w/ firecracker /chartreuse Moxie. Plenty of weight if you’re fishin’ where the fish are in calm wind conditions.

With a sharply rising River and falling temps I still expect to find the males in < 10 fow—BUT probably back in the trees, with the afternoon bite probably better (if the sun is out).

Being out there pretty much every day it still takes me at least an hour–every day– to get the walleye pattern dialed in.

Quiet backeddies where a 1/4 jig is plenty are tougher to find on a rising River. When wind is a factor there are days when 1/2 oz is neccessary to fish a jig effectively.

Although the full moon is tomorrow night I think the major spawning push will be a week from now. Of course, a week from now will be a brand new ball game.

Believe I’ll spend the next couple days chasing stream trout between the wind gusts. Hopefully back on the River monday afternoon.

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