guide Season opens March 15

guide Season opens March 15

I am now taking bookings for the 2023 guide season beginning on March 15. The river is already opening up. Put 150+ walleyes/ saugers in the boat so far ‘fun fishing’ . Ice will likely still be a factor until the end of March, but by mid-month it will be possible to navigate around the ice floes safely, so its time to go back to work.

Really not keen about guiding on the weekends, but will consider panfish and/or catfish trips from noon on friday to noon on Sunday. Other than this time frame, open for multi-species until late November.

Since 2001 I’ve been guiding almost exclusively on pool 9. My first paid trip on the River was back in 1965 down on pool 13. a lot of water has come down the River since then. In this time frame I’ve come to realize that the River is a democracy: the fish get a vote too. Sometimes they vote no.

I won’t promise you’ll catch fish. but i will promise to do my very best to keep you safe and you’ll complete the trip a better angler than when you got in the boat.

I guide for all species. If you wanna chase walleyes or bass or panfish, that’s what we’ll do BUT a lifetime of experience teaches the best times on the River are listening to what she tells you and fishing accordingly.

Lord willin’ I will guide two more years. guiding is hard work. After a half-century I’ve worked long enough. right now I’m at the top of my game. but years are taking their toll and I want to step out of the way before I’m part of the problem until part of the solution in teaching folks about the river and how to fish it safely.

As many of you know I was inducted into the national Freshwater fishing hall of fame as a legendary guide in 2020. don’t mean nothin’…other than I have nothing to prove to anybody.

Truly looking forward to sharing the boat with long-time clients–and sharing the River with some new ones. I am profoundly blessed to have spent my life doing what I love to do. Every single day on the River is a tremendous gift.

In 2023 i plan on fishing 6 days a week, just like I always have, but guiding maybe only three. If you wanna book a trip I urge you to reach out early and select a date. folks want to know the BEST day to go fishin’. My answer is, you can’t catch any fish with your line out of the water. The Mississippi River is truly a force of nature. Select a date and we’ll take on nature eyeball to eyeball.

If you don’t wanna fish with me, I’m good with that. Just please , PLEASE be careful out there!

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