The last hoorah

The last hoorah

The end of open water fishing season is never easy–even when it lasts into a brand new year.

This morning a commercial fisherman broke open the New Albin ramp. Minnesota slough is still pretty much open. But getting to the fish was a lot like late season duck hunting–breaking a hole to set decoys or in this case to get after fish.

With 31 degree water temp the bite was lethargic. My one legal walleye will provide an especially tasty feast. The half-dozen sheep, saugers & shorts over the course of about 3 hrs. were truly welcome tugs, however there comes a point where being chilled to the bone trumps thrilled to the bone–even with a propane heater in the boat.

Sorry to digress from the fishin’ report. There are three phases in a fisherman’s life cycle. Started with phase 3: getting back from fishing then jumped into phase 1: getting ready to go fishing. Of course the entire cycle revolves around phase 2. If you need to ask what THAT is there is no point in reading my blog.

The open water option will still be available at dam tailwaters for about a week. Lotsa fish there. Easy bite. But playing bumper boats cancels out the fun factor. Only saw one other fishin’ boat out there this morning. It was beached so occupants could walk thru the woods and go ice fishing. After a lifetime of sitting on a bucket the only way this is personally enjoyable is with no wind, above freezing temps and to keep the Admiral from badgering on about how good ice-caught perch are.

Lord willin’ I’ll kick off the guide biz again on 3/15, hopefully getting out fun fishin’ a few times before that. thanks for reading this blog. Will blog again in a week or two

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