Target Edges in high Water

Target Edges in high Water

USACE projection calls for Pool 9 to rise again, just as fishing was almost down to ideal summer pool level. We are truly looking at 2019–all over again. That’s OK. Locations & presentations which worked so well in the summer of perpetual flood will work again in about 10 days.

Maybe the river will be down to 625 by mid-July. doesn’t matter. The fish don’t leave the River.

Finding and catching gamefish on the Miss is like playing chess. Only the game board which is normally 2 x 2 feet is now 3 x6 feet. Asymmetrical warfare. Easier to pin fish on the long edges than dance around on the middle of the board.

Write off downstream edges if water is coming through the trees from the upstream edge. Downstream edges of islands and running sloughs beyond the channel are real treasures when rising water is fed from downstream.

Worst case scenario leaves essentially the railroad tracks on both sides of the River as edges. Back in ’19 I boated inland from the River heading west up the Army road @ New Albin–approximately 2 miles between town and the boat ramp.

I eased 1.6 miles, finally blocked by a fallen tree. There was still over 7 ft. of water under the boat flowing over the gravel! The river has gotta come up A BUNCH before these conditions are seen again.

Have to put new line on the flippin’ stick reel. We’re headed for a time of flukes and beavers. That’s Okay. More river, fewer boats. Might even start fishin’ on Saturday again

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