BOHICA on the Big River

BOHICA on the Big River

USACE just published River projections through 10/13. Gonna rise 1.5′ over next several days, tickling flood stage at 629. Still headed up on 10/23 farthest projections go out. At 629 essentially water is coming through the trees all over. Nearly impossible to find 2′ visibility, which is key.

In 2018, my last trip was 11/2. Cancelled today’s trip with a good chance the 8 trips on the books won’t happen either. Those folks with 2019 gift certificates will get first shot at re-booking. IF we’re able to get back on the River before freeze up the target will be mostly walleyes, perch & crappies.

Will probably be at least a couple weeks before a new blog gets posted. Know up front it may sound like a high-pitched whine. Just got back from fishing the Delta @ Venice, about 100 miles south of Nawlins. They have been at flood down there for 211 days this year SO FAR.

Truly a BOHICA year on the Big River (Bend Over Here It Comes Again)

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