Jump while the window is open!

Jump while the window is open!

Tailwaters of the Dresbach and Genoa dams are primary wintering holes for walleye/sauger on their respective pools. Access is possible below both dams.River level is coming down out of ‘action stage’ at Genoa and appears to be headed down for the next week at least.

Drop in River level won’t change fish location or depth contour…at least not much. Walleyes have been holding at 29-31, sauger about 10-12′ deeper.Sauger are also holding deeper than that. But bringing fish quickly up from much more than 30′ will rupture their air bladders. They’ll likely swim away dead when released.

The past couple of days flo.orange/chartreuse has worked well. hate to admit it, but hanging a minnow on the 1/2 oz Killer hair jig has produced more bites than hair alone lately.

suspect that by later today or tomorrow the red/white/blue, Kelly green and purple will be more productive colors. Weather is supposed to be in mid-30s through Monday, then drop to more seasonal highs in the upper 20s.

This doesn’t effect the fish, as metabolism is snail-slow. “Sauger jigging” –slowly raising/lowering jig off bottom has been generally more effective than ‘walleye jigging’ with a little more snap in the jig stroke. Little nuances are HUGE in water just above freezing!

River is open for a ways downstream BUT there is a pile of ice which will be coming out of backwaters, running sloughs and from up-River with temps staying above freezing and a falling River.

Believe I’ll wait until Monday to get out again. Bumper boats is not my favorite thing. STAY SAFE OUT THERE! WEAR THAT PFD, SO AT LEAST THEY CAN FIND YOUR BODY!

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