Back on the Grid

Back on the Grid

Finally back on the grid after chasing fish across the American south for the past month or so. Last nite closed ice fishing season for me on pool 9 with a half-dozen nice perch. All ‘safe’ ice should be gone after this weekend with significantly warming temps and a rising River

The main channel has been open for the past couple of weeks, running at high-normal winter pool and very clear. Water temps 34-35 degrees. Active walleye holding 29-31′, sauger slightly deeper. Fish are still in wintering holes.1/2 oz. Kelly green or purple killer jigs have worked best for me this past week…but maybe other colors would be better. hard to experiment when you find something which works.

Projections call for rapid rise to high action stage by Monday. This weekend will be your LAST CHANCE fishing at normal pool for awhile. As of yesterday best access was power plant at Genoa, Victory,Winneshiek east launch off of Hwy. 82. New Albin marginally open…but I wouldn’t advise launching there, as a bunch of ice will be coming down Minnesota slough over the next couple of days.

By Monday all upper pool launches will be free of ice. Kicker is, action stage will prevent getting to some of them.

I plan on starting the year’s guiding on Pool 9 next weekend–but the Creator has a consistent pattern of changing a man’s plans. Don’t know about hell. High water is comin’. I PLAN on fishin’ regardless. See ya out there on the water. Watch out for the floes!!

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