Rules changing as much as the River

Rules changing as much as the River

As of 0:900 hrs, 24 May, River pool @ Genoa 629.5′. Water temp 38.2-39.4. Projections call for River to remain stable at this level for next week–of course, one rain up north and we’re back at serious flood again.

Perchin’ was a little slow yesterday. Just 7 in 3 hrs. six were males. Also 3 sauger, 1 walleye. Fish holding @ 25-27′ contour. Caught on Kelly green killer jig w/meat. Today I’m gonna do my favorite thing: pitch a B-Fish-N firecracker/chart Pulse R on a 1/4 oz Pyrokeet Precision jighead at edge/current break microstructures in <14 fow.

New walleye harvest rules have been in place since 3/1 in Mn. waters of Pool 9. Identical walleye harvest rules kick in on 4/1. Also, new rules on white bass and panfish harvest on Mn/wi waters.

word on the river is Ia. will probably adopt reciprocal walleye rules before April Fool’s Day, BUT panfish rules will remain unchanged: 25 white bass+25 crappie+25 sunfish+25 perch. amazed at how the Hawkeye state could condone this kind of harvest! There are far too many anglers with <32 teeth and a tribal, inbred, backwater mentality who couldn’t gum that many fish fillets in a year, let alone a day.

However, if you catch a legal fish it is YOUR FISH. Nobody owns God’s River. Stewardship of this resource is entirely in your hands! So there ya go…

Look for fishing success to improve drastically in the next week or so if River level remains stable or better yet drops.

btw–podcast on “the Fishin’ Hole” w/ Hurricane Jerry livestreams on 101.9 and 1490 AM on Saturday. Topic: walleyes on Rock and Miss.

tight lines!

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