Triple Transition Bassin’

Triple Transition Bassin’

My last blog about the yo-yo Spring Pretty much addressed how things are more than how they WILL BE. Had a couple of excellent hooks in the boat yesterday who made me realize its time to share a couple of observations from 10,000 days on the water.

When water temp warms in the Spring to 45 degrees, walleyes on the Miss are ready to spawn, pike are spawning and bass–especially SMB–are just waking up. Most clients wanna catch walleyes, so when I’m not guiding I spend days off looking–in <5 fow where electronics won’t do you much good. Under these conditions, my most reliable ‘fish finder’ is an oxbow pattern Rat-L-Trap. Often pike and bass intercept the lure before it finds walleye lips.

At 45-48 degrees I crank the ‘Trap as fast as the reel will let me, triggering a reaction strike. Bass slap at the lure before they have time to ‘think about it’. From 48-54 degrees bass are pensive. The best bait is one which hangs in their face–like a husky jerk or suspending Rattlin’ Rogue. Most strikes come when the bait is just hanging there, essentially dead sticking.

In the extreme sense, a lure like Northland’s Rippin’ shad is a killer. Just give the lure a couple quick rips then let it LAY THERE on the bottom for at least 30 seconds.

About 10 days ago water temp warmed to 62. Fish went nuts. Since then, temps have yo-yoed. Yesterday it was 51-54 and falling. But SMB were still active after a monster cold front by every definition.

Catching them required a deadstick presentation again with the Rippin Shad,stickbaits, PulseRs on a 1/8 oz Draggin Jig and most deadly, the bill Lewis Lures MR6 in Rayburn Red pattern, pulled a few feet then paused for a good 30 seconds.

Red hued baits are always good for Miss R multi-species in the Spring. When we see 65+ hot mustard color is just that–HOT. Something with a little purple is also good.

I have been known to paint lures with purple glitter nail polish. I call this “Caitlin” pattern–after the girl that once adorned a Wheaties box.

But I digress. Water temps cooled overnight to 46-the yo instead of the YO. Time to switch over to a Z-Man Ned head with a tube or TRD until temps climb to 60+ again.

At least that’s how I’ll be fishin’ when chasing bass til this time next week. Walleyes are active now. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

It looks like next Monday/Tuesday will be great days to rip lips. My calendar for both days is wide open. You know where i’ll be. tight lines.

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