Yo-Yo Spring

Yo-Yo Spring

The bite so far this Spring has been driven to a great extent by water temperature. Cold fronts aren’t a MAJOR issue on a River to the extent that they impact a lake, BUT a significant drop in water temp (3+ degrees) slows down fish activity considerably. When temps drop < 46, its gonna be a tough bite.

Three weeks ago the water temp shot up to 62 degrees. The fish were ON FIRE. Since then the temp fell, then recovered, then fell…then recovered. Yesterday it got back up above 48. Snuck down to a secluded spot and caught some smallies from shore. Fishin’ should be good this afternoon ahead of the next NW blast. Should be OK tomorrow, but wind will be a factor.

Then we get another round of ‘seasonal’ weather. Pike, walleyes & crappies will likely be the only willing targets until water temps (hopefully) rebound by next weekend.

Meanwhile, the River is still on the rise. Gonna come up another 0.4′ today, then start to drop…unless Antifa simultaneously flushes more than 6 toilets in Mpls.

Being out there pretty much every day, I’m usually on fish. Catching them will be much easier when they do away with the filibuster & pack SCOTUS.

Until then, fish behavior is still a democracy: the fish get to vote too. And the vote still counts. You have that option as well. There are other fishing blogs out there.

i’ve gotta get ready for work. tight lines.

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