River on the Rise

River on the Rise

Just woke up from a rainy Saturday nap. Upper pools are getting a substantial soaker–so River level @ Genoa should be on the low end of just about perfect by this time next week.

The USACE projection can change quickly. But its hard to imagine this late summer rise will get anything besides better. I’ve always figgered 623′ @ Genoa is perfect–give or take a foot.

This summer has been one of historic low levels. If you look at the history of low water on the Miss, it almost always happens in late summer. We’ve been at 621 for awhile. Projected rise is to about 622. Really don’t think it will drop back to 621 for the rest of the year. Guess we’ll cross that sandbar if we get to it.

A sharply rising River means substantial change in River clarity. Chocolate milk fishin’ is never good. But the rise will push water with at least 2′ clarity, and active fish will be waiting in ambush nearby.

For the past few days the easiest target has been bluegills on main channel rocks. The ol’ split shot, wire hook and a pinch of crawler will always catch fish. But a drop shot presentation with a couple orange beads in-line above the hook has been producing significantly larger gills.

Channel cat have been another easy go-to. But we’re at that point in the summer where a 2-worm presentation produces more quality cats. Fiddlers continue to jump all over the typical dipbait worm BUT a smaller, shorter worm with the dimensions of a ‘ladyfinger’ firecracker tend to give up bigger fish.

Quality pike are still close to the panfish–but deeper water is the key to finding the good ones under low water conditions this time of year.

Bass fishin’ is pretty easy under almost any conditions this time of year. Willocats are the best way to catch too-big walleyes now. If you’re looking for slot fish and shorts try a Bill Lewis lures MR-6, Rapala DT 6 or Bomber 6A. All these profiles work, but some colors work better than others.

I have a couple openings during the week the rest of this month if you’re looking for a guide. you won’t see me on the water the 1st weekend in Sept. Maybe its time to change the “Labor Day” designation…nobody works anymore. I propose “migrants day”: no fishing license, no bag limits, no mask required.

Enough rant. haven’t fished in 48 hrs now. starting to get the shakes

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