How Low Can it Go

How Low Can it Go

River projections call for stable level @ about 620.1 @ Genoa for the next few days. Just one wk. ago it was flowing @ 623.8. Then it dropped 2 1/2 FEET in just 24 hrs.!

Discretion and supply chain issues have me running @ idle prety much everywhere beyond the channel. The best part of extreme low water is you now can mark rock piles, etc which will be hidden when the River rises again–which history says it WILL–at least a little–before ice up.

The River drop last Monday moved many fish species. Many sloughs are now weed choked/covered slack water.Current seams in running sloughs are good. Current seams out on the River mainstem are even better for producing fish.

This even includes channel cats! Yesterday key was moderate current, hard bottom, above snags in 10-16 fow, Today is a walleye trip. fortunately, I have willocats.

Fog is an issue until about 8-9 most mornings–but ‘eyes are most aggressive in low light conditions. Floating eelgrass is already an issue. I like throwing cranks on rocks if you can get through the weeds under these conditions.

But sometimes willocats are the only game in town..Guess i’ll find out in about an hour. Even when you’re out there pretty much every day, it still takes at least an hour to get in sync with the River–at least this humbling fact is true with me.

The Immortal River is the Creator’s best handiwork I’ve ever experienced. After 10K+ days on the water all I know is the River will give you what She will and you need to find peace with this reality. What a spectacular place to work!

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