Dropping like a stone–again

Dropping like a stone–again

After tickling the ‘action stage’ a week ago the River quickly dropped down to really good early September levels, with projections calling it to remain stable for at least another week.

Overnight lows in the mid-50s are causing water temps to fall as well, setting the stage for some tremendous fishing in the weeks ahead.

it takes me at least an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY to get in sync with the River. When not actually on the River, I’m usually thinking about the River. A couple recent thoughts: If the River can rise from ultra-low to action stage in 72 hrs. from just moderate rains upstream for a couple days, what does it say about siltation in quiet waters clear up past LaCrosse?

Weeds are a perpetual problem in the fall. Nutrient-rich substrata with more siltation translates into more aquatic weed growth–not a bad thing– until the weeds start to die off and head downstream. Thinking the next wew weeks will be tough for throwing multi-hook presentations. Thinking single hook with a split shot “shock absorber’ 18” up the line might weigh in presentation at least for the short term.

Fishing is usually better on a rising River, BUT we’re now back near levels which fish have become acclimatized to since mid-May, making behavior/location easier to pattern.

I haven’t been on the water since Friday morning and won’t get back out there until maybe late tomorrow afternoon. Nobody wanted to book a trip at the special holiday weekend rate: $10,000/6 hrs. (includes a cheese sandwich) Time to re-think my biz plan. Thinking about bumping it to $12K and including a vennie stick next year.

With Labor Day behind us , the $1000/4 hr Saturday rate has been reduced to $250/4 hrs for the rest of the open water season. Of course, this means I’m gonna have to work a little more–maybe 4 days a week. This leaves 2 days for ‘fun fishin’. Just me & the dog. Fishin’ with “buddies” is still guiding. It’s in my “sheepdog” nature to put others sharing the boat in the best orientation to hook up.

Throwing a $20 for gas helps offset the $42 it takes to launch the boat–barring a major breakdown like lower unit, trolling motor or electronics.
Adding a third boat to the fleet doesn’t help this bottom line BUT it’s kinda fun petting the boats when its fleet week out on the River.

Very impressed with the new Garmin on the “Pinta” , #2 boat. Humminbird updated the software and fixed problems on the helix 10 with a turnaround of just 11 days on the Santa Maria. Only ran a couple of trips without electronics in this time frame–which just confirms you really don’t need electronics when fishin’ a river…even THE River.

Not gonna apologize for lack of inside skinny, solid fishin’ info on the blog this time. Whining cuz of not being on the water for 50 hrs. My choice. Sometimes you’ve gotta let the passion of the pull simmer for awhile after more than a half-century of serious fishin’ to build back a hotter fire.

Even Kevlar Chapstik won’t help those scaly critters when one of the fleet gets wet tomorrow. Lord willin’

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