F>L>P = more cold water ‘eyes

F>L>P = more cold water ‘eyes

Water temp on the Big River this afternoon was 33.5. Fish are cold blooded. With water this cold, they don’t have to eat. The first step in putting fish in the boat is FIND THE FISH.

With water temp pretty close to freezing they don’t move that much. Walleyes are in winter pattern. I keep 4 rods rigged & ready for cold water ‘eyes: Hair jig, Pulse R, Jigging spoon & 3-way

Once I found the fish today only shorts and sauger ate the hair and spoon. Switching to 3-ways produced an immediate hook up with a 23″. Too big to keep.

Tweaked the presentation just a little and fish responded nicely. Hot bait today was 4″ sassy shad on both droppers. Old school all the way, backtrolling @ 1.2 mph in 21-24 fow.

It’s all about the ol’ In-Fisherman formula… Fish, location, PRESENTATION. kept one unlucky 19.7″ for the pan. 2 fish 2 big for the slot released, also 2 legals and 3 shorts

Find the fish and you can catch ’em. It’s all about presentation! Walleyes for supper again tonite!

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