River Level @ sweet spot

River Level @ sweet spot

River level at Genoa on Pool 9 is now at about 623.4–real close to perfect as we head into the hardwater period.

Weeds are still a factor, but you can get away from them. Water temp is now hovering in the low 40’s. Walleyes, sauger & perch all active at a level you would expect. All are sliding into wintering holes.

Walleyes have been holding @ 21-23′, sauger a little deeper. Perch moving to wintering areas back in the sloughs, also near quiet rocky/rubble humps in 13-16 fow just off the main channel.

When you can get away from weeds, dragging 3-ways tends to produce more quality fish than vertical jigging or pitching/dragging. Gotta admit i really like the Northland rippin shad in fire tiger or purple/white for snap-jigging ‘eyes.

When vertical jigging sauger are more susceptible to a completely different jigging action than walleyes. Regardless, I use 10 lb hi-vis Sufix when vertical jigging and mono when pitching dragging or pulling.

I’m now running Star Brite (1 oz-3 gal) and letting the motor hang vertical for a couple minutes before trailering. hard to say when the last day of the open water season will be.

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