Walleye time!

Walleye time!

There is a new video up on you tube–Fishing roots>Legends of Fall/bass. Sorry, I don’t know how to add a link so you can click on it BUT it might be worth checking out if you wanna learn more about fishing the Miss.

Legendary guide Ronnie Barefield & me put about 50 bass in the boat with camera running–no jump cuts. Rotten Ronnie & me have been best of pals for over 40 yrs. Age shows. We’re like a couple ol’ haggard hawks, revealing tips & secrets about fall bassin’ on the Miss while rippin’ many lips.

If i knew how to post a link, you wouldn’t have needed to read the previous. THAT said…water temp has dropped to 43-44 degrees since we filmed that show on Oct. 28. Bass have pretty much gone dormant. WALLEYES are quite active–already ‘stair stepping’ into deeper water on their way to wintering holes.
Yesterday they were holding in 17 fow. Warming trend this weekend might push them just a tad shallower where pitching/dragging B-Fish-N tackle Pulse R’s is a great way to get ’em.

Pulling cranks on 3-ways @ 1.6 mph is also killer this time of year…if you can get away from the grass!

A couple days ago I went back through the north cut into Ronkowski (hole in the Wall) Looking for crappies. Entire cut coming in from the upstream end was blocked with AT LEAST AND ACRE of eelgrass. Have never seen it this bad there since i started guiding pool 9 over 20 yrs. ago.

Fried up a 21″ sauger last nite using Mary Christoffer (the Fishing machine) recipe: equal parts Bisquik & corn starch, 1T. vanilla, salt/pepper–stale beer & a FORK.

Just mix the batter to the consistency where it clings to the back of the fork but not between the tines. There were just 2 pieces left. Fish for breakfast!

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