High water til mid-June

High water til mid-June

Access is the biggest challenge to catching fish on Pool 9. High water and ‘wet foot’ policies at almost all boat launches will be part of the program until at least mid-June

Fluctuating water temperature have been a real curve ball this year. On May 27 temp on the mainstem was 62 degrees–down from 65 a week earlier, down from 72 the week before that. Found some 65 degree water yesterday which will warm again to 72 quickly. The bluegill spawn will be right on schedule!

With cool water temperatures the catfish bite has been ‘challenging’. Channel cat are NOT in the channel–they are now swimming where there is essentially bare ground at normal summer pool levels ;back in the trees.

Most ‘active’ gamefish fish are holding in < 10 fow–in many cases less than 3 fow. Weed growth is for the most part submergent. A Z-Man Jackhammer chatterbait has been my go-to lately…even for walleyes.

On May 27 my client caught a foot long RAINBOW trout on a Rat-L-Trap MR6 in ghost craw pattern. The fish was swimming in a mid-pool running slough at least 7 miles from the nearest designated trout water.

Brown trout get caught every now and then late winter, up until mid-April. But a RAINBOW? On an MR-6 in LATE MAY ?? Would have expected a salt water pelagic before a ‘bow with June just a few days away.

That’s the beauty of ol’ man River! Water clarity on the mainstem and active dunning sloughs has been really good…even better in places which load up from downstream, pushing clearer water generally north. Fished a couple places with 6’+ visibility yesterday.

Conventional wisdom says 6′ visibility and rainbow trout in almost June are two things you shouldn’t expect to see as we approach serious summer. The key to consistent success on this enigmatic water has one subliminal key: listen to the River!

This is much like speaking Pashtu or Swahili–something you’ve gotta do almost every day. uhuru sasa.

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