All Species on the Chew

All Species on the Chew

After several days of sharing walleye wisdom with clients and a couple of pros in the upcoming nat’l walleye tourney out of PdC this Thurs/Fri I was ready for some multi-species fun fishin’

The River continues to fall towards normal summer pool. Water clarity is good. Temp is 66-70 degrees. The walleye pros should have a very productive tourney Action on main channel rocks is picking up and the bite is good back in the sloughs, too. Just about any way they try to catch ’em should work.

Started the morning chasing panfish. After about 30 minutes I had caught bluegill, perch, crappie & punkinseed. Switched over to bass. Trifecta of SMB,LMB & WB was pretty easy. LMB on Z-Man Chatterbait, SMB on the chatterbait and ned rig, WB mostly on a 1/4 oz. Big Dude blade bait now being offered by B-Fish-N Tackle. The chatterbait & blade both fooled pike. Had a couple of crawlers left over. Threaded a half-crawler on a 3/32 oz pyrokeet Precision jighead and drifted a running slough in 9-11 fow, picking up walleyes, sauger, a channel cat & of course–a sheep.

There are over 130 species swimming in Pool 9 . It isn’t unusual to catch 4-5 different species in a day on the water. Think a dozen different species is about the biggest variety I’ve ever boated in a single half-day trip.

Finally had enough. My broken rt. elbow was killin’ me. Knew it was time to go home and ride the horse that threw me ; my mesh hammock. My foot got tangled when trying to exit the hammock a week ago. Spun around and did a mumblety-peg elbow plant on the hard ground 3′ below.

Right after this blog is posted I’m gonna pour another glass of sweet tea and face the swingin’ demon which threw me to the ground. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

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