The stability of serious summer

The stability of serious summer

Water temperatures on both the River mainstem & in running sloughs has stabilized at 79.5 degrees–give or take a degree or two. River level is also steadily dropping. Pool 9 is now at typical summer levels.

Change is CONSTANT on the Mississippi. But major summer thunderstorm gullywashers not withstanding, the changes between now and mid-August will be minor.

Over the past week a great deal of weed growth beyond the channel has gone from submergent to emergent, good news for anglers on several fronts as it is easier to more quickly dial in fish patterns.

Free-floating weeds made trolling tough this morning for walleyes. Casting cranks on the rocks and pitching plastics in weeds were both effective. I can’t imagine a slow moving plastics presentation without first dousing the lure with LIQUID WILLOCAT. “Da Juice” also has profound effect on SMB

This morning was another day of ‘fun fishin’. i’m only guiding 2-3 days per week this summer. Sometimes less than that. I could blame the easy schedule on Putin’s gas price hike–but that would be a raft of crap.

The cost of travelling to the River from any distance has more than doubled this year. guides have had to raise prices due to an increase in fuel prices. Disposable income for recreation has definitely been squeezed. However, recreational use of the River is still pretty much nuts on Friday & Saturday. Much to be said for doing something besides fishing from noon on Friday to 2 pm on Sunday–unless chasing panfish or catfish.

These pursuits are more “catching” than “fishing” now that we’re in a solid summer pattern.

My typical day is getting on the water at first light and catching a few walleyes. When the bite slows about 7 a.m. I head for east side shade and catch a few bass. When the summer sun gets downright HOT about 9 a.m. its time to head for woody areas which have shade until noon and catch a few gills and crappies.

Catching pannies on my 9′ St. Croix panfish rod is far beyond SWEET.usually plum tuckered out by 11 a.m., time to head home for a light lunch and nap–a noon-time experience since BFD days which is almost as sweet as that St. Croix rod.

If its not too hot/humid in the evening, maybe get out and catch some SMB on topwater baits or maybe a Zman Ned rig. Off the water before sunset to avoid the skeeters.

Maybe a beer or sweet tea with the Admiral as the sun goes down. Then rise about 4:30 and get up to do it again. amen.

this world will make you crazy if you let it. Honestly not much we can truly control. Within this realm is a trolling motor. Hokay. 10 minutes past nap time. adios.

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