Summertime & the fishin’ is easy

Summertime & the fishin’ is easy

First, gotta clear the air: I’M STILL GUIDING! Three persons have asked in just the past 2 days. Yes, I broke my arm 2 weeks ago, BUT each arm has 3 bones. I only broke one bone in one arm–certainly not a ‘lame’ excuse to quit fishin’!

Bluegills, bass & crappies have been done spawning for awhile and are all in serious summer pattern. The River is dropping steadily to normal summer pool levels. Pretty much all boat launches are open and accessible with mostly dry feet.

Walleyes on mainstem rocks are now oriented where you would expect them to be at normal summer pool levels.

The 10 foot contour is a good range to target when pulling cranks in the running sloughs. #ZMan chatterbaits w/a paddletail trailer–and of course #RatLTraps have been great walleye weapons with weed growth in many areas which hold ‘eyes less than 2’ submergent.

Water clarity in these areas is 3’+. I’ve actually gone to a floro leader for many presentions here. There is an aricle about chasing ‘eyes in the weeds which should be out today in the DRIFTLESS JOURNAL newspaper.

Pike & LMB are hammering the daylights out of black buzzbaits now. SMB have been garwoofling Chug Bugs over both rocks and weeds when the water is calm.

A Ned rig with a #ZMan TRD has been a killer on SMB near the slack water/current interface all over the pool. I think the NED is just the lure du jour–senkos, heck TUBE JIGS, still catch fish…its just the Ned & his cousin Neko are new kids on the block.

To reiterate: YES I am still guiding! Several open days between the 19th & end of June–also in months which follow. Truly thankful that i live here–less than a mile from work–from my perspective here on the River between gas prices & the economy I believe a hard rain’s a gonna fall before summer’s end. Our nation is at a tipping point.

Take a look at proposed “red flag” laws about to infringe our 2nd Amendment God-given rights. See that little hammer & sickle up in the corner of the red flag?

It’s gonna be 97 today. 4 out of 5 voices in my head say ‘stay home and clean the guns”. Don’t forget sun block and HYDRATE out there on the water!

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