Dropping Like a Stone

Dropping Like a Stone

USACE projections call for pool 9 to drop like a stone over the next 24 hours, down to 621.0 @ Genoa. Usually they project 10 days out. As of 8 a.m. no projection hs been made. We haven’t seen water level this low since ’06. Could be headed for a historic low level–baybe lower than ’88 or ’67 !

But the ONLY constant on the River is change. What goes down must eventually come back up–and then some.

navigation for the short haul will be profoundly hazardous away from the channel. Even launching a boat can have challenges–like backing of the end of a ramp. I carry a come-along in the truck for this possibility. Mitigation means getting wet, but cheaper/easier than alternatives.

Just secure one end of the cable around the trailer axle, the other end to the bow strap eye of the boat and rachet the axle up from the obstruction, using the vehicle to pull the trailer forward to usuable ramp with the boat providing floatation on the other end.

Hope you never have to do this. But having been in this pickle once myself and helping others several more times, it is a tip you might tuck away.

Fishing in the backwaters is beyond challenging. Gonna take my 14′ jon to remote spot which has been holding some quality perch this morning on a fun fishin’ mission. When fishin’ the Miss you need AT LEAST three boats…a good deep vee, a flatbottom & a canoe/kayak.

If you’re looking for a good backwater/skinny water boat I’m selling a 12′ Polarcraft jon on a Spartan trailer with an essentially NEW 2.5 h.p. Yammie (only 4 hrs. on it) and 40 lb thrust MinnKota Edge for the brother-in-law price of $1500. Pretty firm on that. The Yammie cost me a grand. Only used twice.

Back to fishin’ …Water temp yesterday was 67-69 degrees. LMB are starting to stage on the main channel rocks. Bluegill bite here remains almost too easy.

Walleyes are most active for an hour after dawn & an hour before dusk on the main channel rocks. Fog can make the morning window challenging, even borderline dangerous.

When not actively biting many catchable eyes are sliding just downstream, scattering and loafing over sand in 9-13 fow

Crappies are amping up in fall pattern about 4′ down over at least 10 fow relating to wood.

SMB fishing is HOT on the west side of the River late afternoon. Quality pike are cruising deep weed edges. Chatterbaits , big tandem spinnrbaits & RT 97 Rat-L-Traps have been killer.

Perch are where you find ’em. i’m gonna go drop shot in 18-24 INCHES of water and bring home enough for supper.

consistent success on the River is taking what she gives you and moving forward from there. Right now the ultra low water reveals a lot of structure which will eventually hold fish. Eelgrass–the scourge of Sept. is not much of a factor right now.

I wanna thank the growing number of folks who follow this blog. My remaining time on the planet grows shorter every day. Passing the straight skinny on to guys like Taylor & his brother Connor are a major motivation.

i’m more than a decade older than the age of both these brothers combined. But when these up-and-coming tourney guys said they fish for the fish — not the glory on the WAT circuit which is catch-and release I held nothing back.

tight lines y’all. those yellow ringed devils are calling my name

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