55 by the weekend

55 by the weekend

Pool 9 is within ONE FOOT of the lowest River levels have been in this century. But with increased siltation since 2006 the water column is less than it was back in 1988…maybe 1967.

Water temp today was still @ 61 degrees. With a brutal NW wind and projected low temp of 36 overnite I think temps will drop to 55–the magic number for bass until the temp drops to about 52…when walleyes start feeding with a vengeance

The combination of siltation and record low River levels have created a situation where navigation beyond the channel is flat out DANGEROUS.
Almost all backwater action for pannies is off the table. Fish are still there BUT you’ll take out a lower unit getting to them.

The only upside to low water is significant reduction in the nasty eelgrass. It is possible to fish cranks without picking up a limit of salad. pretty much.

As we approach the 55 degree benchmark LMB will provide the easiest fishin’ with crappies suspended over wood in at least 10 fow the next closest bite to a sure thing.

The nutso bass bite will last until we see 52 degree water temps. My go to has been a Z-Man TRD ned on a 1/10 jighead. Pretty much a fish on every cast…once you find ’em. hint: main channel rocks are key!

We are in a period of seasonal change. When this happens it takes awhile to get on active fish. Under stable conditions it takes me at least an hour every single..day. With seasonal change. Maybe longer..

The river is still a democracy The fish get a vote too. All i know is you can’t catch fish if your line isn’t in the water!

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