Early walleyes spawn?

Early walleyes spawn?

Water temperatures on River mainstem was a solid 40 degrees on 3/24. In some places over 41. In backwaters like hole-in-the-wall and trib entry points 44+ degrees.

With the full moon reigning the night sky on April 4 I think there is a 70% chance we’ll see walleye spawning by April fool’s Day. Of course, there is a lotta snow up north. If night time temps up there get down near freezing for the next couple weeks I think the ‘eyes are gonna go early.

Yesterday i found some nice perch on the River mainstem in 6-8 fow over a dark bottom next to 20+ fow. Water temp here was 41.8..

Since I have a pike trip early next week I went looking. Found them below wingdams. Aggressive on a 5″ K-Grub. Soon they will be transitioning into shallows to spawn. This might happen by tuesday’s trip.

yesterday all walleyes were caught pulling B-Fish-N Tackle rib fins in 14-17 fow or spot locking on current seams at this depth and pitching Northland Tackle 1/4 oz bucktails parallel to the seam & shallower.

Being on the Water 200 days annually for a half century–mostly on rivers–has taught me not to spend too much time trying to re-live yesterday’s bite. it takes me at least an hour to find the fish, every single day. This is ESPECIALLY true in the Spring.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try to catch a mess of redhorse for the smoker. they are really starting to move. Fair chance a brown trout might show up. On the river you never know what’s gonna stretch your string.

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