The FULL MOON is tomorrow night. The River is well into ‘action’ stage easing toward minor flood. Water temp has been between 39-42 in the River mainstem. It is now 44-45 in shallower, quieter waters. Ambient temps will warm into the 70s by next week. These factors combine to mean one thing regarding walleyes on the Upper Miss : SHOWTIME!!

If you’re looking for a dance with a fat girl, leave the minnow bucket at home and tie on a B-Fish-N Tackle pyrokeet jighead with a Pulse R, Moxie or Rib Fin plastic. Purple firecracker is a go to. In truly stained water maybe something with a little orange in it. Regardless, a couple drops of ‘da juice’ : Liquid Willowcat.

Target < 10 fow on the slack side of current seams especially where there is rocky rubble bottom. The fat girls are thinking about food. they’re thinking about dropping 1/3 of their body weight. The best presentation is slow, in-your-face swimming close to bottom with an occasional ‘pop’ to trigger fish.

The strike window is small. Gotta be in-your-face. Males are like teenage boys right now. They are focused on spawning too. But wanna go out for pizza & beer after a hot prom date.

Location>Presentation>Bait Profile>Color + TIME ON THE WATER = set the hook!

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