Bass Invasion

Bass Invasion

The only way i can think of NOT to catch bass on the River right now is dropping a six-inch bluegill into the upstream edge of a deep hole with a pyramid sinker hoping a mudcat will find the bait before a bass can swim down to catch it!

Walleyes are still solidly in the September pattern of cruising channel edge sand flats in 9-11 fow and moving to ambush points like the channel ends of wingdams when actively feeding.

Yesterday I spot-locked in the perfect place to intercept them and was rewarded with 8 bass in 8 casts throwing the MR-6.

Either the bluegill pattern on rocky structures is changing…or the bass just get to the bait first. Ditto crappies hanging suspended in wood over at least 10 fow.

A small rake is in the boat now to clear grass from between branches on snags with a slight current to enable getting down to both crappies & gills. Essentially ice fishing by making a hole through the grass.

Fortunately, some very nice pike are feeding on the buck bass. Several 3/4 oz chrome blue Rat-L-Traps have been garwoofled in the past several days when actually looking for bass to educate. All that ate these lures HAD to be good ones. Have NEVER lost a LITTLE fish!

The biggest source of awe has been the baitfish–mostly shad but also schools of river shiners. Sometimes almost dimpling the surface like shiny silver raindrops.

Water temps have fallen to a solid 64. Ten more degrees and the walleye bite will become substantially more active. Weeds will be an issue. A Pulse-R in purple firecracker/chartruese tail on a 1/8 -1/4 Pyrokeet precision jighead is a great weapon when weeds are an issue, with a small barrel swivel about 24 inches up the line a good “bumper” to keep the plastic working effectively perhaps a little longer.

Today the primary target is bass. Pretty much an excercise in catching instead of fishing. In a couple weeks I’m going on vacation. Fishing of course–Eagle Lake out of Andy Myers lodge.

Dad always said “if you can’t go 1st class, stay home”. Andy Myers has my vote as the best Canadian fishing lodge, hands down. The SMB which swim in Eagle Lake are a virtually untapped resource, as most folks fishing these waters are looking for a PB muskie or walleye.

When all environmental conditions are just right, I’ll throw for mongo toothers. Other times walleyes and those honkin’ huge smallies. This work builds a substantial appetite. The food At Andy Myers is without equal.

As of right now I have 8 open days in October and 5 in November before pulling down the guide shingle for another year. Lord willin’ will pull the pin at the end of the ’24 season…and go fishin’ after that ’til my end of days

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